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Polypropylene Soakwells - Strong and Easy

  • Fully Trafficable

    Polypropylene soakwells are trafficable and suitable for use under driveways, carparks, concrete, paving and grass. Not to be confused with PVC soakwells!

  • Modular

    Join the units together in a line to form a single soakwell of the required volume, that fits in your available space.

  • The Most Efficient Drainage

    60% of the surface area is void, providing more drainage than the equivalent size concrete soakwell.

  • Easier in every way

    Polypropylene soakwells are lightweight to transport and easier to install. Great for restricted access or odd shaped blocks as well.

  • Affordable and Quality

    Cheaper to buy than PVC or concrete soakwells but also trafficable, modular, more efficient and more versatile.

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    Be confident! Our unique service includes pre-purchase guidance on the design, onsite delivery with assembly and installation walk-through for the soakwells and stormwater piping.

  • Industry Experience

    Together DIY Soakwells and All About Soakwells has supplied and installed concrete and polypropylene soakwells for the Perth residential and construction industries for over 10 years!

  • Soakwell System Design

    Send us your plans and we can add markup reflecting how we would quote on the work if we were conducting the installation. Includes materials list and calculations.

  • Soakwell Installation Service

    Visit our site 'All About Soakwells' for a pricelist for polypropylene soakwell installation.

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Trafficable, Modular, Polypropylene Soakwells

All prices include GST and are correct as of Wednesday the 10th of August, 2022

All soakwell purchases include the required geofabric at no extra cost. Free delivery for orders over $200, up to 45km from Perth. Orders under $200.00 are $25.00.

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Stormwater Piping and Fittings

Please note soakwell purchase is required. All prices include GST and are correct as Wednesday the 10th of August, 2022

Please contact us if you need assistance. The items listed below include everything you could need for your soakwell installation.

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The soakwells below are our unique '140 litre' polypropylene soakwells. The animations show the assembly of one, two and three trafficcable modules. Unique to this product all surfaces permanently interlock.



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This website is designed to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing polypropylene soakwells for your home or extension.

DIY Soakwells™ supplies and delivers polypropylene soakwells, geotextile fabric, U-PVC stormwater pipe, fittings and accessories in Perth, Western Australia.

When you order from us you also receive great service and comprehensive on the job advice on all aspects of the installation.

We specialise in polpropylene soakwells. Polypropylene soakwells offer strength, efficiency and ease of installation. We supply all the necessary materials for your stormwater project, from the polypropylene soakwells to the piping and fittings.

Delivery is free for orders over $200.00 from Yanchep to Baldivas ($25.00 for orders under $200.00) up to 45km form Perth and includes one on one instruction on the assembly and installation of the soakwells plus advice on piping if required.


Our general advice on purchasing the correct stormwater system is to calculate the volume of the soakwells based on the roof area (catchment area) and the formula for predicted rainfall during a storm from your local or nearby council.

If you are looking for a price for polypropylene soakwell supply AND installation click here for a pricelist.


When choosing a location, the soakwells should be at least 1.5 - 1.8m from footings and boundaries, depending on your council. Never start digging until you know where all your underground services are (sewer / gas / power / water / phone / fibre etc).

You can contact Dial Before You Dig for free to find out about the underground services on public land and we have some tips for you as well.


To maximise the area in contact with the sand and take advantage of the design, polypropylene soakwells are ideally installed in rows in only two or three locations.

This is important because downpipes can take different amounts of water from the roof at different times due to the fall of the gutters, direction of the wind/rain or maintenance issues.

We always aim for just two locations, a row of polypropylene soakwells at the front and back of the house. This is dependent on factors including available space and the location of underground services as well as the distribution of roof area.

  Tip!  Halve the number of 140 polypropylene soakwells to find out the total length!
eg. 12 soakwells = 6m long (W x 0.5m, D x 0.9m).


The inlets are cut in the top of the soakwell. The inlets can be cut prior to wrapping, otherwise they can be cut once the soakwells are installed (before backfilling). Ensure you do not cut the hole where there is a divider.

For the piping plan, walk around your house and draw a rough plan of the boundary, house perimeter, downpipes and proposed soakwell locations.

Pace out the length of pipe required from the furthest downpipe to the soakwells. The fall for the pipe is 100mm for every 10 metres. Cut a hole in the top of the soakwell for the pipe. Make sure you glue the fittings and pipe.

A simple approach is best for is to digging and measuring. We only use 90° elbows for corners and try to avoid 45° bends. For junctions we recommend using Y-junctions with M&F 45° bends to create a Y shaped T for easy trenching and the best performance.

You should use grates under the downpipes to prevent water rising up the downpipes in any situation and to allow the system to breathe for optimal flow. Some exceptions could be undercover or wooden areas.

 Tip! - The inlets are cut into the top of the soakwell for easy access.


Don't forget you will have the sand displaced by the soakwells at the end. To estimate the amount take the total volume of the polypropylene soakwells and add another 30%. We have some tips on how to deal with this as well.

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Make the hardest part of the job easier. At just 700mm wide, you CAN fit an excavator back there!

DIY Soakwells recommends installing your  soakwells in rows , in as few locations as possible.  Our tiny 1t excavator , with custom made 600mm bucket is perfect for the job.

  Taking you places you never thought you could go!
Pickup or Delivery available.


  • Easy to operate, no license required in Western Australia.
  • This mini excavator can withdraw it's tracks to become just 700mm wide!
  • With a folding, removable rollcage this machine becomes just 1.79m tall.
  • Dig up to 1.71m deep.
  • Equipped with a 180mm bucket (shovel sized), 350mm toothed bucket and 600mm mud bucket perfect for soakwells.
  • Push sand around with the 860mm blade.
Hire a mini excavator in Perth


  • 24 hr hire, you pick up / drop off:
    $250.00 plus GST
    Suitable vehicle and tow bar required.
  • 24 hr hire, we pick up and deliver:
    Contact us for freight quote.
    Yanchep to Baldivas.
  • Excavator hire with an operator:
    $95.00 /hr plus GST
    Minimum 3hr hire (2hrs working / 1hr mobilisation).
Our mini excavator is the smallest in Perth.